Ben Blankenhorn

About Ben Blankenhorn


Ben Blankenhorn grew up in Pennsylvania’s coal region where he began casting to trout at a very young age. His love and passion for fishing only grew through his childhood as he learned the ways of hunting trout in the Appalachian rivers and lakes. While living in Boston, Ben regularly fished the waters of New England, including Vermont’s famous Battenkill River and off the shores of Cape Cod.

After moving west, Ben took to shore casting in Long Beach, CA and regularly embarked on countless adventures through the beautiful Sierra Nevada.  He has covered a majority of the rivers and streams from San Bernadino to the Oregon Border and has been relentless in fly fishing the Southern and Eastern Sierra Nevada for over ten years.

Ben lives, breathes, and bleeds fly fishing. His relentless passion for elusive trout in the Sierras is evident in his extremely knowledgeable yet humble personality on the river.