The Eastern Sierra of California around the escarpment of Bishop and Mammoth Lakes is one of the most diverse, and your around places to fish in our country. This beautiful high sierra mountain range receives some of the greatest annual snowfall levels in the world, creating an expansive and diverse watershed of  fast and slow running rivers, fertile alkali lakes, and cool bubbling creeks, each with their own unique character. Our guides serve all of the major areas in and around Bishop and Mammoth Lakes extending north to the East Walker river in Bridgeport.

In most other popular fly fishing destinations guides have one main river to focus on,  their job for the day is to choose which part of the river to fish. In the Sierras, we are able to choose which river, creek or lake to fly fish , conditions permitting, and the choices are all blue ribbon trout waters! From streamer fishing for trophy brown and rainbow trout to carefully presenting a dry fly to a rising trout, nymphing a prime run, or taking a scenic hike away from humanity completely to seek out the wildest of untouched fish, the opportunities are limitless!

Eastern Sierra waters we fish; Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Bridgeport