Holding up a Tarpon caught on the fly in Xcalak Mexico
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Your flats fly fishing trip begins by flying to the northern part of the culturally rich Yucatan Peninusla to the modern city of Cancún. From there you will be picked up and taken south to the relaxed and tropical pace of traditional Mexico. Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook, and Barracuda are now not far away and are eagerly awaiting to see if you are up to the challenge of accurately presenting your fly into their strike zone. 

Upon arrival we will check into our hotel, steps away the beach, with the amazing option to fish right out front over the turtle grass and white sand if the 8 hour guided day is not enough for you. Waves break on the reef about 50-100 yards beyond the shore, making the fishing and Caribbean beach experience very tranquil. Bonefish, Permit, Trigger fish, and Jacks can be found within a short walk from our lodging location

Depending on the current conditions our guides will pick us up, or we will leave at either 7 or 8a.m. in a large vehicle capable of transporting 6-7 people. We will have the rented vehicle that carries us from Cancún the entire stay if needed to suit different schedules. From there we take a short drive to where the guides and their boats are waiting for us in the fishing town at the end of the road in the town of Xcalak. The expansive flats of Chetumal Bay, our main fishing location are not far from here.. Along the way we usually stop “out front” before following the canal into the bay to survey the rolling Tarpon action for a possible shot at one of the most exciting game fish in the world. The Chetumal bay flats are home to a very strong population of bonefish, excellent numbers of Permit, as well as resident juvenile tarpon, jack crevalle, triggers, snook, barracuda, and some small sharks, and occasional dolphin.  The local guides we utilize are masters of knowing the fishes habits, and excellent at sighting the slightest movement on the saltwater flats. They have amazing eyes and will usually spot fish long before the angler, perfect for you to get your line in order and be ready for the shot. You will get the opportunity to fish from the boat as well as wade some beautiful hard-bottomed sandy flats. A lunch and beverages are provided and quickly consumed to return to the fishing. After the sun is high and visibility fades in the late afternoon we will eventually head back to our tropical hotel to clean up, have a hot or cold shower, and then meet up and head to dinner to discuss the day and ready ourselves for the next. 

Xcalak and Chetumal Bay are rated as some the best fishing destinations in the world. As any seasoned fly angler knows, it’s not completely about the fishing, it’s the amazing locations the sport of fly fishing lead us to. The area is the portrait of beautiful tropical scenery and a tranquil state of mind in this remote tropical paradise on the Caribbean. At times, in the boat, we well be very close if not right on the border of Belize.

The reef protected beaches of Mahaual and Xcalak, along with Chetumal bay offer some of the finest sight casting to Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon in a tropical paradise. These areas are much less used and fishing pressure is much lighter compared to its much more well known fishing destinations to the north and south. We will have chances to feel the reel burning runs of saltwater species each day we are out  there! Fishing is done from the 23-26 foot pongas, and skiffs. Fishing from the specialized flats boats allows us to be above the fish to sight them better for a longer shot, stepping off the boat and wading allows us to creep up closer to them under their radar to get a more accurate shot.

Your Host

Your Host will be David D’Beaupre, the owner of the STM Fly Shop in Bishop, California. David has lived and guided in the southern Mayan Coast of Mexico throughout the last 20 years, at one time he lived in the area for 2 consecutive years. He will pick you up and drop you off from the airport in Cancun, take you to the best restaurant experiences during the trip, and be with you throughout the day with different guides to help with whatever you need to help you catch these unforgettable saltwater fish. Not only does he know the language, culture, and his way around like a local, he is absolutely ecstatic about sight fishing to the exotic and reel screaming fish of the Caribbean salt flats. You will have the best possible experience the area has to offer.

November 2023 Flats time! Pickup in Cancun


-November 10th travel to destination, returning to airport on the 14th.


-January 12th travel to destination, returning to airport on the 16th.

-March 7th travel to destinatinon, returning to airport on the 11th.

-May 9th travel to destination, returning to airport on 13th.

(a private group of 4 or more? contact us for personal trip dates)

Call or text 760-873-0010 for details and pricing, we can also extend to 6 days of fishing and 7 nights at a very affordable rate.

In Mahahual  the November average high-temperature is 29°C (86°F), and the average low-temperature is 24°C (80°F). The average heat index (a.k.a. ‘feels like’, ‘apparent temperature’), which combines air temperature and relative humidity, in January is appraised at 31°C (87.8°F).

-Personal Items- Passport, Drivers License, ATM Card, Cash, Credit Cards, RX prescription, Sunscreen, Basic First Aid items(I will have a first aid kit), Sports Tape, Lip Block with Sun protection, Insect Repellent, Zip Lock Baggie if needed.

-Clothing- Lightweight Long Sleeves, Quick Drying Pants and Shorts, Sun Hats, Buffs, Sun Gloves, Lightweight Rain Jacket.

-Footwear- Flats style Booties or Surf Booties or Laced Wading Boots, Comfortable Lightweight Shoes or Flip Flops as well during non-fishing times.

-Saltwater Fly Fishing Gear- Polarized Glasses, Glasses Cleaner, Line Clippers, Hook Sharpener, Wading Pack, Hemostat, Fly Rods 7-10wt with Floating Lines, Fly Reels, Boat Bag, Tippet Material, Line Cleaner and Pad.

The Lodging

Our lodging will be an amazing hotel right on the beach boasting its own beachfront with fishing opportunities right out the front door. Located a few steps from Mahahual Beach, the Caribean style lodging has such accommodations such as two restaurants on the property, free private parking, and a bar with some local drinks in the evening, and coffee and breakfast in the morning. Among the facilities at this property are a 24-hour front desk and a concierge service, drinking water tank to refill your bottles, and free WiFi throughout the property. The hotel has a fresh water hose for cleaning salty gear, and provides a sun porch with outdoor chairs, as well as a fully equipped gym.

The hotels rooms complement the location and are worthy of the tropical experience. Complete with a private bathroom equipped with free toiletries, hot water, very cold air conditioning, a television, and all built with local jungle wood. All rooms have two beds and plenty of storage.

The Fishing and Experience

Flies for the Flats of Mexico