east walker Known for the trophy fish this river produces (especially brown trout) the East Walker flows eight miles on the CA side from the bottom of Bridgeport reservoir to the Nevada state line. The river contains browns in the 15″-30″ class that make for vicious¬†territorial strikes and outstanding runs. Fat rainbows from the reservoir above and from the private waters below on the Nevada side also call the East Walker their home. Some huge eastern sierra carp also inhabit parts of the EW.

Various bug life flourishes here with an abundance of baitfish making streamers a great choice for those trophy fish most fly anglers are after. The East Walker has made a great comeback after some very low water years. The river fishes all year long with the best periods for trophy browns being in the fall and winter. If you want an unforgettable fly fishing experience and the chance to hook into a trophy brown or rainbow trout this is a place to consider.