Lower Owens river rainbow trout caught on a fly

The Bishop jewel, the Lower Owens River, flowing just outside of Bishop, CA has experienced massive flows recently but is now down to around a fishier flow of around 330 Cubic Feet/second (cfs). We are hearing a rumor that it may be this way for a decent while as repairs are needed far downstream. Of course the fish are taking advantage of this situation and using the lower pressures and flows to explore and become eating machines. We have noted more caddis activity in the area. Aggressive trout have been leaping and chasing caddis adults randomly in the river with some bends and back eddies more active then others. Most of the usual flies will lead to success on the Lower Owens currently. Peridons, Pheasant-Tails, Caddis Worms, Midges and other various attractor flies will find their way into a fishes mouth. Adult versions of Caddis, Mayflies and a few Midges are a good idea to have in the box as well in case of that top water activity beginning to happen right in front of you.

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