The big news here is the fact that the river has been raised to 250 cfs.. This seems like a lot when coming up from 85 cfs but actually 250 cfs is a great flow to fish the Lower O. It is perfect for my drift trips and I will continue to drift it sucessfully up to 330cfs. Wading can be a bit tougher but very managable when making the correct wading decisions. Water is clear and foam lines are evident.  Yesterday at 250 CFS the river was on fire with BWO’s and Caddis both coming off together and getting eaten on the surface by hungry trout… Throax BWO’s in sizes #16-18, Etha Wing BWO’s in #’s 16-18, CDC BWO’s in #16-18 all will do the trick. Elk Hair Caddis in #18’s, Turkey Quill caddis in #18-20, Fertile Caddis, Hot Creek Caddis and Henrys Fork Caddis in sizes #18 will also take fish on the surface.  For  nymphs go to: Sparke Trigger BWO emerger #18-20, Split Case BWO #18-20, Bubble back emergers #16-20,  Robo and various PT patterns in #16-20, Electric Rock Worms #16-10, Cased Caddis #16, Scuds #18,  And lots of Soft Hackles (hares ear and peacock) in #’s 16-20 will take fish when presented properly.