Although flows are down to a still high rate of 390 cfs the Bishop bound fly fisherman can still manage to catch fish most of the day on certain parts of the Lower Owens.  Dry fly action has been noted on most days which has been a mixture of small caddis and baetis. Fish seem to be responding to these flies on the surface in most slower foam lines and backwater eddies.  Nymphing these areas as well seems to be the best bet for the wild inhabitants of the Lower Owens. #16-18 RS2, #16-18 Sparkle Trigger, #14-16 The  Ticket Caddis Worm and Electric rock worm, #16-20  BWO Bubbleback emerger… For dries fish small elk hair caddis in #18-20 in olives and brown colours, Henrys Fork Caddis #18-20 and Hemingway Caddis #18-20.. For BWO’s use #16-20 Thorax BWOs, Ex. Bodies, and  Hi Vis patterns all in sizes #16-20.