The Lower Owens is down to a low flow of 125cfs which is unusual for this time of year. The river is healthy and the foliage around the river is green and alive, this is a very different river if you have only fished it during the winter months when the flows are down like they are now. BubbleBack emergers #16-20, Sparkle Triggers #16-20, RS2’s #16-18, all sorts of green caddis worms and emergers #16-18. Some hopper action can be found throughout the day, but not to the extent of Hot Creek or the Upper Owens. During the caddis hatch at night fish small Fertile Caddis #18-20, Elk Hair Caddis #18-22, Small Adams and Baetis patterns #18-22 are also good to have along for the Lower Owens selection right now.