Mammoth Fly Fishing

The Lower Owens is now flowing at an even 90 cfs. These are low flows that make for some very decent fly fishing! It can be a little slow in the mornings but things really start happening around 9:30-10:30 am.. I have been seeing more dry fly action every day out there with the fish responding accordingly. Drift trips have been yielding good numbers of fish depending on the day and fishermans skills. Look to the slower deeper water once again in this winter wonderland for holding trout. The usual suspect are; Tiger and Zebras #18-20 in colours of olive with copper or black/silver or gold and also the red/silver combo has been taking fish. #18-20 Copper Bobs in red and copper, Trigger Nymphs, Robos and PT all in like sizes are taking fish as well. What a great river to fish in the winter!