The Lower Owens had a flow drop last week down to 250 cfs to return this brown trout tailwater to a fine spring time fly fishing destination. Water is clear and water temps are nearing 57 degrees mid-day making for hungry fish. The drift boat has been back on the water! Midges, Baetis, and some Caddis are on the menu. Localized hatches can be found here and there on the river with fish still eating Baetis adults. This can be seen MOST days depending in weather, mid-morning to afternoon. Random top-water attacks on adult midges are also witnessed on the Lower Owens at this time. Nymphing is very successful with all sorts of Baetis nymphs and emerger patterns being eaten. Bubble back emergers, Sparkle triggers, Robo Pheasant Tails and Mights Baetis are just a few patterns to try. T-Midge emergers in pearl are also very successful. Tiger and Zebras are always a good try here as usual. Try the Baetis in #’s 16-18 and the Midges in #18-20. This river is in great condition as long as the flows remain.. Highly recommended… Watch the flows..