Lower Owens Brown Trout Fly Fishing - June 2010

As predicted the Lower Owens dropped to around 300 cfs and is currently hovering around that level making for some unbelievable fly fishing. We were on the water the first day it hit 300 cfs to check out one of my favorite spots. The fish were more than cooperative and action was basically non-stop. Fish were sporadically rising to caddis and BWO flies dancing on the water in the back eddies and slower water. Yellow Sallies are crawling around the streamside vegetation… Bugs are out! The nymphing was on fire! We took stomach samples and found; yellow sallie stonefly nymphs, caddis pupa, BWO emergers and cased caddis. Water was in the mid fifties and very comfortable to wade in. As we were leaving in late afternoon the caddis hatch was really starting to happen. Fishing will remain very satisfying (on fire) as long we hold around these flows which should be for a while. I am with clients out in the driftboat tomorrow and looking forward to a great day. Pictures are all taken yesterday 6.14

Lower Owens River Brown Trout Caught on a Bubbleback emerger

Lower Owens River Brown Trout Caught on a Small Stonefly Nymph

J. Bassett with a healthy Lower Owens River Brown