Fish are still being taken in the Bishop creek drainage from town, to Intake 2 and on up to the three lakes (North Lake, South Lake, Lake Sabrina) that provide Bishop Creek with water. Small buggers #8-12  in black and olives will take fish when presented correctly. Start under the waters surface then go deeper if you are not satisfied with the results.  Some dry fly action can be had with the usual suspects: Sierra Bright Dots, Royal Wulff and Coachman, Mosquitos and Adams.. all in sizes #16-20. Bishop Creek fish are still responding well to large attractor patterns such as: Stimulators, Hoppers, Beetles and Wulffs.. all in sizes # 10-14. Prince, Pheasant Tail, and Stonefly nymphs will also get eaten if you prefer nyphs. Fish nymphs in sizes #12-18.