The East Walker is running at a low winter flow of around 22-25 cfs. Temperatures are down and snow is up but whats important is the fish continue to eat, a lot! The thing is one must present the right flies to get these highly selective trout to take our carefully placed fly patterns. Look to nymph shallow and light in most holes and runs, a minimum amount of shot is needed to arrive at the bottom where the fish live. The same patterns hold true as in my last report:  #18-22 pearl T- Midge poly wing emergers, Poly Wing Emergers in lighter and darker shades in sizes #18-22, Miracle Nymphs #18, WD-40′s in browns and grey in sizes #18-20. Recently, Flash Bang midges have really shined in cream and red colours in sizes #18, see these at the shop, they are very similar to JuJu Bee’s. Baetis Emerger patterns such as; halfback emergers and poxy back BWO emergers also take fish. Fish these in #s 18-20.  On the surface,for a suggestion, try a  cut wing BWO or Extended Body BWO in #’s 18-20 to trick these fish on top. Flash bang midges continue to get a ton of
attention on the east walker. Look for great fishing and some big fish on the move  from this water.