East Walker Fly Fishing Cutt Bow

Prime East Walker Cutt Bow Colors

 The East Walker water level is down to a very fishable flow rate of 170cfs. Fish are starting to move around and up the river to participate in yearly rituals. The river is slightly off colour as usual allowing big specimens to move about the river undisturbed for the most part. Up towards the dam there seems to be an influx of small rainbow stockers that have been sucked in from the reservoir. These are easy prey for fly anglers for a few minutes and will hopefully serve as food for some large brown trout. Streamers are getting hit, but one has to be accurate and precise by picking out trout lies and casting well past them and retrieving the fly through them.  Fish your favorite double bunny, clouser patterns, or large Matukas in sizes #2-8. We have been throwing a few mouse patterns to the opposite banks and always getting some kind of movement on the rodents… hooking up with them is another lesson though! Small perch fry, crayfish and SJ worms in sizes #6-12 above a small nymph/midge is the most common way to take most East Walker Residents. Biot Midges #16-20,  Pearl or Olive T-Midge emergers #18-20, Miracle Nymphs #18, Serenstupity #18, and varias other similar patterns will get you success here. Look for flows to drop more soon as there is only a couple weeks of irrigation left in the Nevada season.