The East Walker has patches of snow here and there adding beauty to the desert/mountain landscape. Flows are healthy and perfect for this time of year at around 112 cfs. Fish are hungry and being caught. Some larger bows and browns have been on the prowl recently! This year sets up to be a great year as a lot of snow runoff is poised above the Walker drainage.  Look for a higher CFS (riverflow) this year..but do not fear it! This will push many baitfish (meat) into the river system allowing the EW residents to grow at higher rates than eating larvae and nymphs alone! As of now the river is fishing great. Patterns to try are: Miracle Nymph #18-20, T-Midge emerger in olive and pearl #18-20, Flash Bang and JuJu Bee Midges in #’s 18-20, Barrs, poxyback, and Halfback Baetis emergers in sizes #16-20.  Different types of San Juan Worms can be fished with success as well.  Streamers will get attention but as spring rolls in we will see more action on our meaty offerings (slumpbusters, double bunnies, rock knocker sculpins, muddlers, Big head todds and Buggers just to name a few)….  A definate fishing destination for any angler no matter where they call thier home water.