EW is fishing great right now.. Weather is nice and flows are very fishable.. I believe it is up to 80 cfs as I type this. The meadows section crowds a bit as the days roll on, but, one can find more solitude below the bridge where the trout seem to be just as big, just farther in between where they live.. San Juan worms of any style fished properly will take fish.. Small disco style midges are also a must on this water… Fishing seems to be good all day.. Expect some large fish amoung the smaller ones while nymphing and keep the flies on the bottom or just suspended above the bottom.. Put on as large of a Streamer as you want and watch what comes to the end of your line!! It will shock you! I fished this water with clients and family six days out of the last week and we landed many many fish over 20′, some much larger than that….

Dont discount any possible holding water of having fish… The EW is healthy this year beyond other years I have seen it…The fish have been eating lots and lots of carne and showing it! I look forward to hitting this water days in advance.. If you have not tried the EW now is the time as it has been featured in two very popular fly fishing magazing very recently.. Time to book!