Best Trout Fishing In Bishop Ca

I continue to frequent this river a few times a week. Flows are cranked up to 254cfs and the water has taken on a clear tea reddish tint to it right now, which is very different from the light pea soup colour it usually flows. Caddis and Mayfly hatches come off strong in the morning and late evening, but as usual you will not land those East Walker brutes we all hunt in that river if you fish dries all day. Use small EHC and Parachute Adams style dries for the rising fish. Tiger and Disco midges in #’s 18-20 continue to pound larger fish…Down lower toward Nevada I have taken large fish on large Princes and tungsten stone patterns… San Juan worms also continue to be players here.. Streamers are not as much of a go to pattern these days but one can still have a great day with some stripping action. I still prefer something large and lighter in colour; greys,yellows and whites still trick large browns there..