The East Walkers flows have been fluctuating recently but now it is down to 325cfs of very fishy water! Due to high water
the water temperature is still well within prime trout feeding temps. Some days there are quite a few people there and some
days it seems like the river is almost vacant of people. Some dry fly action can be had with various caddis and mayfly
patterns… but, to get the larger fish the E walker hold one has to fish under the water. San Juans, perch and Crayfish
patterns are a great upper fly to use on a nymph rig this time of year in sizes #12-14.. Nymph these patterns with various
midge patterns underneath. #18 Cream flash bang midges, #18 T and Z midges, Small green caddis emergers and worms #16-20,
WD-40’s and Bow Warriors in similar sizes will also take fish on the East Walker. Streamers of all sort and sizes pulled
through the water will also take fish of all sizes (usually the larger variety). Think outside the normal fishing mindset
while fishing the EW this time of year…