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Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop CA – 5.1.24

The fly fishing report for the Bishop area including the Lower Owens River is experiencing its stage spring time runoff as of this last weekend. Flows have been pumped up rather quickly to a high stage of 471 feet per second. Water is running almost clear and fast! This is absolutely normal throughout the west as May and June can be typically considered high water months throughout the west and is considered very healthy for the Owens river system. Spots can still be found to fish for the experienced Lower Owens angler. Before that we were enjoying the fruits of the astronomical water year we experienced last year with healthy, wild, and very large trout! With the snow pack lower than an average year, we believe this amount of runoff should not last long. Of course, that could all change if storms continue to roll through dropping precipitation in the mountains of California.

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Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, CA – 2.7.23

The Lower Owens patiently flows right outside of Bishop, California with an abundance of bends, runs, riffles and drop offs, this river is the jewel of the Eastern Sierra for fly anglers and photographers alike. Water temps are roughly between 39-42 degrees depending of time of day and location tested. Flows have bumped since the last storms up to around 130cfs of cool sierra water even though the LADWP guage shows 3000+cfs. The colder, long period of weather has made it a little tougher to get out there and have those double-digit days. But the lovely picturesque trout of the Lower Owens can still be caught by the diligent and patient angler. Small pods of rising fish are noted throughout the system, eating midges and small beatis, these fish have been appearing without rhyme or reason in any section of the river. The only answer to this is to be out there on the banks of the river mid-day while keeping keeping an eye out for slower moving foam lined water. Smaller nymphs have been doing the trick, not too small as some people believe, sizes of flies in the #16 -20 range are as small as we need to go. Caddis on the bigger side and baetis and midges smaller. Some slightly warmer weather will definitely move some fish around and stir up the bug life as well as the appetites of the resident trout of the Lower Owens River.

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