Hot Creek is still high and fishing well! Tricos and Midges are happening in the morning hours. Fish can be seen rising
here and there with usual consistent action. Trico dries and RS2’s are doing the trick in sizes #20-22. Later on Baetis and  Caddis come off with an occasional PMD showing itself. At these flows holding water is a little harder to spot, on the other
hand it is less weedy with plenty of water holding fish with underwater structure under the current. Hoppers are also
getting some attention. Put the hopper on and cast and move on trying to cover the quality water to find the willing fish.
A dropper underneath with inhibit perfect casts but will generally produce more fish. T and Z midges #18-22, RS2’s #18-22
and Brooks Hot Creek Caddis fished wet or dry in #18-20 will take fish. Fertile Caddis and Henrys Fork Caddis in sizes #18
-20 will take fish on the top, Hoppers and Beetles #12-16, Thorax Tricos and Beatis patterns in sizes #18-22 and good old
elk hair caddis in sizes #18-22 will take fish when presented correctly.