Beautiful East Walker Brown!

The East Walker River has been fishing very well with cool water temps, clearer water,  and springtime  flows  some very nice specimens have been hooked! Some even landed!  Flows seem to be fluctuating between 100-150 cfs recently which can be optimal with the cooler water temps.  Most fish being caught are hefty brown trout with a few chunky rainbows mixed in.  Nymphing and streamers are taking the majority of large trout in the East Walker.  Fish your favorite Doubly Bunny or large Streamer pattern throughout the day to at get some amazing strikes and fish utilizing patterns of various colours, some white or tan mixed in the pattern seems to be the best. Try a mouse in the morning or late day to see some great “Boils!”  Nymphs are always effective with a light double nymph setup. Try a SJ worm or a green Caddis Worm on top with a small midge pattern/small baetis  below.  Some samples are; Flash Bang Midges #18-20, T-Midge Emergers in lighter shades #18-20, Z- Midge emergers grey #18-20, WD-40’s in lighter colours #18, and other similar patterns fished with patience and skill will help you to have a fly fishing experience to remember!

Predators of the East Walker River - Brown Trout -