Lower Owens River Fishing Report

Flowing at a steady and unusually clear 183 cfs the East Walker is nothing short of spectacular! Springtime weather seems to finally be hitting the Walker drainage and fish are responding accordingly. A Baetis hatch comes off strong in the Miracle Mile around 11:30am with fish up to 16″ responding. Small midges also come off after the sun hits the water. Nymphing and fishing with “meat and potatoes” flies will get you the toothy beasts that roam this water. Midges of all sorts will be eaten here all in #’s 18-22.. Grey Poly Wing Emergers, T-Midges, Zebras and Tigers, Discos and Biot Midges just to name a few.. Pearls, Silvers and Greys seem to be the preferred colours at this time. WD-40’s and Micro Mayflies in the same colour schemes are also on the East Walker resident trout menu. Large Streamers of are getting some heavy attention when passed through aggressive trout territory. Remember, any strike on the East Walker can result in hooking the trout of your life!