Bishop Fly Fishing

Photos taken on 11/20

Unique spots of the the Brown above

The East Walker remains at a very cool 19cfs…. The water temps waiver around mid to high forties making it a safe temp for any trout.. The spawning action I have been witnessing has seemed to stop with no spawning action spotted as of 11/20..The nests are not clean looking anymore, although I would not step anywhere near these until the river has filled them in. Very light nymphing is what is needed to be successful here. No lead needed!.. . All small Midge patterns, PT’s and Robos in #18-20 are working well….Lots of midge and small mayfly surface activity for decent sized fish as well. The fish are also obviously eating perch (streamers are getting more attention now)as you can see in the photo of the much over eager brown I came across below. He really makes the phrase “biting off more than you can chew” come to mind…