Crowley Lake is of course sticking by its reputation by being a trout factory!!.. particularly large Trout of three varieties; The amazingly beautiful Lahonton Cutthroat, The wise Brown and the ever fighting, reel burning strain of Rainbow Trout. We have been fishing the North Arm, Leighton Springs, Sandy and Six Bays just to name a few places. As usual the Crowley Buzzers here in the shop work as well if not better than their competition. One of the reasons is the hook gap. They are tied on scud hooks with a aggressive hook gap, not a long thin stimiulator hook with a tiny gap that does not sink in like wider gap hooks.  They also have a much more realistic gill on top. Fish these is different color varieties from 12-22 ft. We all hope to fish shallow but sometimes we find them hanging out in 20+ feet of water. Stay tuned for a lot of great action to come out of Crowley Lake!