Personally one of my favorite streams, the East Walker, is experiencing some warmer water temps right now. Flowing at 91 cfs if you hit it in the early morning and late evening the probability of finding rising fish is more likely. Caddis of all sorts, midges, and parachute adams in sizes #16-22 are doing the trick as far as dries go. Some Tricos hatching has also been noted. Small elk hair and E.C. caddis drifted properly to rising fish will get eaten. Caddis worms, midge larva, and very small mayfly nymphs drifted down in front of fish will conjure up strikes all day. Zebra midges and WD-40’s in black and red sizes #18-22 and robo pheasant tails in the same sizes do the trick. Sparkle pupa and caddis emergers are also necessary to have in the box.
Lets get serious now! We all know that the EW is famous for its very large Brown trout. Streamers are my favorite on this water, grabbing attention from some very large territorial browns. Buggers, zonkers and articulated leaches in any size you want to fish them (BIG) in colours of blacks, browns, olives and rusty oranges and reds are the best choices. Watch the water temps during the hot part of the day as not to harm too many fish.