East Walker Fly Fishing

Nice East Walker Brown caught in Wintertime 2011

East Walker is very low and fishing well.  Fish are hungry and eager to take small midge larvae, bait fish, and other protein forms this fertile river system offers. Traffic is low and fishing below the Miracle Mile has been very successful. Poly Wing Emergers #18-20, Biot Midges #18-20, Miracle Midges #18, WD-40’s #16-20 and Serenstupities #18 are just a few patterns to try. Ultimate Perch Fry and Son of Crazy Dad #10-12 are also patterns we have had success on in the last week.  This will continue to fish well all winter with less traffic as the snow and colder weather come in. We have had a few crushes on the mouse and streamers recently which should be in every fly anglers East Walker Box.