East Walker River Fly Fishing

The never forgotten East Walker river out of Bridgeport California has finally received some life giving water! Fishing has been anything but boring with some huge fish being hooked and fought, but only a percentage of those actually landed. Flows are a steady 300 cfs which the Trout have been enjoying immensely after a winter of near piss flows. The “Miracle Mile” section up top fishes very well throughout the day, as do the sections below the bridge. Some pools are fewer out and further between depending on where you are on the river. All deep holes most likely have a big trout with your name on it, these Titans of the river do not give themselves up easily though, it can take hours to trick a trophy sized trout into tasting your fly. The chaos then begins as you go from 0-100mph as you hook a torpedo of a fish on the end of your line…. Fish various styles of SJ worms, Caddis Worms, Jig Flies, Light Coloured Midges, PT’s Ect. Streamers of all sorts fished deep and drifted will also Bring big fish to the net. Stay tuned for some amazing fish to be seen by Fly Fisherman out of the East Walker this year.