Hot Creek continues to produce great looking trout in numbers! Small Trico’s and caddis continue to come off during the day starting with the Trico’s and BWO’s is some areas. Look to fish small dries and larvae in the morning with larger patterns coming to play later in the day -Hoppers and Beetles! ! Fish are hitting hoppers and beetles and other small bug patterns now in Hot Creek and this makes for a great day of fun fly fishing. Water is lower  but with great dry fly action for weedless drifts. Fish the standard midge nymphs and emergers until you see or need some dry fly action. Move a lot until you find the right trout eat if you are throwing a terrestrial.  As always, fish are everywhere in Hot Creek. Nymphing will always take fish when done correctly with the right patterns.. Midge Poly Wing Emergers #18-22,  RS2’s #20, Caddis Pupa #18-20, Loop Wing BWO’s, Trico RS2’s #20-22 —  On top Traditional BWO #20-22, Thorax BWO & Thorax Tricos #20-22.