Flows are 277cfs as of today which is a 40+cfs drop from the outlet of Pleasant Valley Reservoir(which is also fishing very well) from the last few weeks of pumpin out 320cfs and over..Nights are cooling in the valley and with this current CFS level morning and evening fishing should be very comfortable.
As of now expcet early morning and evening hatches of midges and caddis. A few mayflies can be seen sporadically coming off in sections of the river. Small grey bodied elkhairs, partridge caddis, hot creek caddis, and quill winged caddis patterns continue to take fish for the caddis imitations. Once again carry sized #14-20 to cover all possibilities. BWO’s and Adams in the same sizes should also be a inhabitant of your flybox. Nymphing deep in the foam lines with various soft hackle flys in shades of green #’s 14-18 will imitate many things in the water, or fish a birds nest in the same sizes in shades of brown and green as well as the ever reliable PT nymph flashback and Robo. For streamers use a larger dumbell head of of a 9-10′ 4 x leader.. White or light coloured streamers, Swing them… Swing them down, Strip them up..Or quarter up, let it sink and pull it across towards you(my favorite)…Pick out the larger fish. Sized #4-10.