The Bishop, CA Lower Owens fly fishing report was amazing in November until they raised the water to difficult fishing levels. Now, we are finally seeing some reduction in these unusual winter flows which we have not seen before due to the incredible surplus of water from the amazing winter we experienced last year. Flows are currently at 320 cubic feet per second and are poised to drop more very soon with a 50 cubic feet per second drop this morning . The Lower Owens has experienced very little pressure this year after the big rain in March that raised all water levels in California and took us out of our drought problems. This volume of water allowed the trout of the Lower Owens to grow to sizes we have not seen in a few years. Check out the shop instagram @stm_fly_fishing to see some recent impressive examples of recent trout from the river. As the sun warms the area in the mid-morning hours Mayflies can be seen floating on the water with some decent responses from the wild trout. This is not River wide and can be seen in one area with the bend around the corner not seeing any surface activity. As the river continues to reduce flows to more comfortable wading and fishing levels we could see one of the most amazing years to date on the Lower Owens River.

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