The Bishop fly fishing report for the Lower Owens River is nothing but great news! Flows are at absolute prime levels for wading and accessing the river while still retaining enough flow volume to let the wild trout move about the river freely.

Hatches have been tempting us here and there and have been mayflies. Look for this to happen mid-morning to around 12:30. Although not a river wide event one corner can be alive with trout actively eating on the surface with the next corner not seeing any surface activity. Fish classic mayfly patterns in sizes #16 through #18.

As usual the nymphing has been absolutely great. Fishing with an indicator or Euro Style is your option for a great day of wild trout to your net. Most may fly nymph imitations will work when presented correctly. It is the job of the fly angler to figure out how deep to get the Flies and how quickly and how long to appropriate one’s time in certain areas are the keys to success. Our favorite nymphs have been all sorts of paradons, Frenchies, pheasant tail patterns, some caddis worms, and a variety of midges. We have been fishing in sizes #14 through #18.

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