The Lower Owens is still flowing at 99 cfs which makes for some great fishing.. The river is accessable at this level and fly fishers can expect large numbers of fish with some large fish mixed in if they read the river and fish it right.. My float trips have been seeing some great numbers of fish each time out… The hatch has not seemed to be as strong the last few days yet it continues to come off right around 12:00… CDC tied BWO’s in size 16’s – 20’s are eaten upon landing on the water with a proper and accurate cast. Parachute adams in the same sizes will also fool the rising trout. Nymphing is very strong as usual… soft hackle PT’s really get eaten as well as normal PT’s fished in sizes #16- 18’s…. Z-wing caddis, and midge emergers in dark brown and black are also very reliable. My old saying “foam is home” still applies when seeking out the fishiest spots to present the nymphs…. Streamers of various types are always taking fish.. the pumpkin bugger really stood out the last week.. the usual whites and grays are also getting eaten like thanksgiving turkey.. Purple is also a colour of streamer that can bring fish to the net.. I expect this river to get better as time rolls on… I look forward to floating this river every day…. Dont miss this fishery right now!!