The Lower Owens has has some major events recently! A wind driven fire jumped around and burned about 70% of the river bottom from the dam area to below Five bridges last week.  Chalk Bluff road is now open and fishing has resumed as normal! The river looks excellent and we were the first ones on the water after the fire and were very pleased with the great results. In other words, not many fish were killed, at all.   Flows continue to stay low with clear to semi clear water depending on your location. As the fire was burning we were forced to fish down lower on the river than our usual guiding spots. We were very happy with the results as fish have been relocated throughout the system after the amazing high water experienced a few months ago. The same seasonal flies mentioned in my last report are still enticing the wild brown trout of the Lower Owens. (Caddis Worms, PT variations, Midge larvae and emergers, BWO nymphs and emergers) fish these bugs  in sizes #14-#18.  Mayflies still come off around noon throughout the river system … Fish rising to these Baetis can be spotty but have been noted recently.  Stay tuned for more as this amazing system prepares itself for springtime fishing!