The Lower Owens Continues to flow as it always has during the end of the winter season. One  thing recently different is that it now flows through a some what moon like landscape after a fire swept across the wild trout section and made it just past five rivers bridge. Fishing remains untouched and hatches and bug life is healthy. The entire river from PV campground to South of Bishop is fishing very well. Right around noon we have been cutting off the lead and putting the nymph rigs away for a healthy, and usually river wide, BWO dry fly session. Coming off in #16 -#18 these are a pleasure to fish, easily seen afloat on the water they make a great mark for the Fly Angler and Trout alike. The Trouts bellies have been packed full of Baetis nymphs, free Living Rock worms, and the occasional Midge. The rock worms are up to a size #14, and are everywhere! Check the top of the STM site for constant flow updates and stay tuned as spring spreads herself on the Owens valley and its water ways.