Beautiful brown trout of the Lower Owens River held in hand

Average Brown Trout of the Lower Owens River – Bishop CA – STM Fly Fishing

The Lower Owens is on its way down! We now have a flow rate of 240 cfs down from a super fast and nourishing  600cfs. This has allowed us to fish the river for the past week with awesome results! Not much to be said for dry fly action, yet anyway .. although some rising fish are noted throughout the day it could start big time at any hour! That being said the nymphing and streamer fishing has been great! High Sticking, High Sticking Tenkara style, nymphing with, or without an indicator ..pick your practice and get those flies in the water. As usual we have some special soft hackle nymphs tied on Jig hooks for a slightly different presentation  and drop rate. Midges? Yes! lots of Midges and Midge Emergers of different styles have been taking a lot of fish when presented correctly.  Stay tuned as an amazing Lower Owens River lowers its high flow rates to let us Fly Fisherman see how the high volume of water and food has affected the  Trout in a very positive way.