Hot Creeks still has weeds and is still fishing very well. Many more dry fly fishing days are being had on Hot Creek as colder nights converge on the Eastern Sierra. Caddis are the main players on the water, although,there is some Mayfly and Midge action to be seen. Hoppers and terrestrial action has died off with this recent storm as they are either frozen at night or burrowed underground. Nmphing small midge and baeits patterns has made up for this . Suggested flies are: Harrops Fertile Caddis #18-20, Hot Creek Caddis #18-20, and Elk hair caddis in similar sizes will take fish that are feeding on caddis. For under the water try Sparkle Pupa and Ascending Caddis #18-20 for the emerging caddis imitations. A drowned Brooks hot creek caddis in #18-20 will get eaten. #18-20 Zebras, Tigers and T-midges are another great choice for a point fly.