The landscape of Hot Creek has turned to a white wonderland- Huge mountains and a high desert landscape below make just being there an experience at this time of year. The first gate is shut and 4×4 vehicles can push through to the gate at the moment. Do this at your own risk! Weeds continue to die off as winter sets in. Some spawning continues to be seen in some areas as different bahavior is evident to the observent fly angler.  As for what fly patterns to use, the same still stand.  On the surface fish: Thorax BWO #20, Cut-Wing BWO patterns in #18-22, CDC Baetis and Para BWO’s in sizes 18-22 are a few suggestions that work well for this hatch. Under the water you can fish; #18-20 Halfback Emerger BWO’s, #18-20 loop wing emergers and poxy back BWO emergers, Poly Wing emergers #18-20, Small Tiger and Zebra midges in #18-22 and WD-40′s in #18-20.  Large fish can be seen out and moving on some days!  SCROLL DOWN TO LAST HOT CREEK REPORT TO SEE A HUGE HOT CREEK BROWN  !!!!