Hot Creek is still fishing HOT! Low weedless flows make it a true pleasure to fish! A long snowy walk is all that stands between you and this fine fishery at this time (.75-1.5 miles depending). BWO’w come off more or less around noon with fish being very responsive to this for the time they are out! Take off the nymphs and put that BWO dry right on the 6x for some fine top water action. Midges can also be seen getting eaten on top throughout the day, but nothing too steady. Nymphing is on fire with just a hint of weight needed to fish Hot Creek correctly. Try #18-20 copper bobs, Robo Pheastant Tails, Tung PT’s, and various small myfly imitations with #18-22 Midge imitations dropped off of that… red biot and disco midges, zebras and tigers and t and z midges just to name a few that will find you success when fished correctly.