Hot Creek is fishing great with more consistent hatches coming off every day! I have been seeing midges earlier, followed by some baetis action, and on some days later on the small amiocentrus caddis make an appearance…. Water is in great shape and the Hot Creek residents seem to know winter in over and the spring feed is on. Up in the flat water near the hatchery some absolute BEASTS are roaming.. Dawn and dusk with a large streamer. That is all I will say about that… Use the same flies as in my previous reports..try the usual small midges and WD 40’s ,as well as a variety of small PT’s, hares ears, and small caddis worms usually imitated by a green midge larva, z-wing caddis, or a small soft hackle. For the dries a P. Adams #18-20 or CDC imitations work great for the mayfly hatch. Various caddis patterns will fool the fish here but I prefer some cut wing life like patterns for this stream. Small EHCaddis will also get you into trout here.. Accurate casting and short drag free drifts will be the method here.. I recently teamed up wth another popular fishng guide and acquired my permits for Hot Creek!!