Hot Creek Bow June 30,2011
Hot Creek Bow June 30,2011

Hot Creek is flowing high and clear! This is one the highest flows with the greatest clarity I have seen on Hot Creek. Caddis are out and fish are responding to their pupa and adult stages. Dry fly, and
nymph fishing here has been a pleasure with the different higher  water situation. A
little more weight on the nymph rigs with a  different strategie is required to
take fish out of Hot Creek at these flows. Fish are also taking scud patterns
when fished on a nymph or dropper rig.
The afternoon to evening caddis hatch seems to be pretty predictable and
fish are coming up accordingly.  For nymphs fish Olive Scuds #14-16, Electric Rock Worms #16, Stallcups Ascending Caddis pupa #18-20, Partridge Caddis Emergers #18-20 and Sparkle Pupa in #18. On the dry side try; Henrys Fork Caddis #18-20, Fertile Caddis #18-20, Elk Hair Caddis #18-20, and Hemmingway Caddis #18-20.