June 2011 Lower Owens Brown

June 2011 Lower Owens BrownJune 30, 2011 Evening Lower Owens Brown Trout

The Lower Owens is flowing at an unbelievable
flow of 277cfs! This is extremely low and fishable for this time of year. Dry
fly action on PMD’s during the day and evening, and predictable Caddis hatches
in the evenings have been getting great responses from some good sized brown
trout. During the day nymphing caddis and mayfly emergers in the right areas
can have great results. Bubbleback PMD emergers #16-20, Trigger Nymphs #16-18,
and Robo PT’s is similar sizes will take fish. For Dries try; Light Cahills #16-18
Para PMD patterns #16-18, Quill Gordons #16, Elk Hair Caddis #16-18 (browns,
olives, tans ect.), CDC Caddis #16-18, Para Caddis #16-18 and Hemmingway Caddis
#16 just to name a few possibilities.