Hot Creek continues at  low winter flows with fewer weeds. Fish are throughout the system with large trout at the top. Certain holes see surface activity while other parts of the river remain quiet, on the surface anyway. Small midge patterns nymphed short and light will really get the numbers here, it will be starting starting in the morning and lasting all day.Fish the same patterns as last report.  On the surface fish will take various BWO patterns. EXt. Body BWo #18-20, Thorax BWO #20-22, and Comparadun BWo’s in similar sizes. Under the water try; T-midge emergers #18-20, Poly wingemergers #18-20, Various Biot and Zebra/Tiger patters #18-20. BWO Biot Thorax BWO’s, Loop Wing Emergers and Halfback Emergers all in sizes #18-20.