As usual for this time of year the weeds are getting thicker and longer requiring anglers to make more accurate and precise presentations and drifts. Flows are down to around 60 cfs of combined flows with some weeds up to the surface. Dry dropper combinations or just a dry are the best methods to hit Hot Creek this time of year. The evening caddis hatch is the best thing going here… Later in the evening the creek can boil with caddis eating activity. During the day fish a buoyant dry with a small WD-40, PT or a midge or black fly larva. Put on a single hopper and cast to the holding water in between the weeds or on the opposite shore and expect some fishy attention. In the evening use a partridge caddis or small EHC throughout the hatch. IF you are not catching fish here you are doing something wrong… Step back and rethink your strategy. Enjoy!