The Upper O continues to be a well visited area.. And for good reason, its still fishing well! The fish are slow moving cold creatures until the sun hits the water then the bite is on until it cools down or the sun sets.. Midges and baetis continue to be the active bugs on the Upper O.. Small parachute patterns with long casts to unspooked fish will find an angler action topwater.. Small klinks and griffiths knats will also bring fish up off the bottom… Disco type midges and really getting some great action as well as a variety of small PT’s, hares ears, and small caddis worms.. Streamers as always are eaten on the Upper Owens, pick your streamer of choice, find the deeper holes, and get it down there..think larger on the streamers.., …. Everything else around a size #16 – #18 in colours from black to olives..