The Upper Owens is flowing at a low cool rate of around 65cfs. Water clarity is 90% with colour changing above the confluence of Hot Creek. Fish are throughout the system with a few big fish in the biggest holes this time of year. A caddis hatch comes off sparsely throughout the day with responses from the smaller trout in this system, a larger specimen can be found eating these Caddis on the surface to the observant angler. Hoppers splatted along the banks and foam lines will get an aggravated response from trout of all sizes in the Upper Owens which makes for an exciting day. Smaller streamers and buggers fished down and in the shadows will also get attention as the first cast into that dark hole or cut bank is the most important when fishing streamers here. Try Sparkle Buggers #6-10, and Slumpbusters or other small streamers patterns in the #6-10 size range will work best. For hoppers use Yellow, tan or other bright and leggy hopper patterns in sizes #10-14. Nymphs to use are; Princes #14-18, Sparkle Triggers #16-18, Bright Green Caddis Worms #16-18, Soft Hackles #14-18, Red Copper Johns #14-18, Red Disco Midges #16-18 and other similar patterns like the ones mentioned here.