The Upper Owens is still a frigid meadow for winter fishing but the weather has warmed a bit allowing some snow to melt. Temperature highs are in the high 40’s to lower 50’s. In the morning things are frozen and driving is easy.. Later on things can get sloppy.. Use only a 4wd when driving on the east side of the river. The flow continues to be just above 100 cfs. Small nymphs such as WD-40’s in dark greens and blacks, small PT’s and hares ears around size # 16, and prince nymphs in similar sizes continue to bring trout to the net. Dont forget to bring your midge patterns as well…Look for rising fish in the foam (foam is home!) The traditional streamer strip up along the undercut banks also produces strong tugs. Go bigger on the streamers here as I usually find they dont mind chasing down the big meat on the Upper O. Or try a larger streamer followed by a smaller one to figure out what they want for their protein for the day!