The Upper Owens is fishing better and better as springtime rolls around leaving the ground wet and more accessable each day. A variety of sizes of trout are in the Upper Owens right now. Some people are battling the hogs of the river while others seem to get into a steady catch of 13-16 inch trout. Flow is down and perfectly managable at 87cfs. Mayflies and Caddis are seen over the water with repsonse from the smaller trout. For the bigger fish one must nymph or strip streamers.  SJ worms #8-12, Robo PT’s, Flashback PT’s, and Trigger Nymphs and in #’s 16-20, Hares Ears #16-20, Tigers and Zebras #16-20, Poly wing emergers #18-20. Prince Nymphs and various copper Jons are also some flies to fool the trout of the upper Owens with.