The Upper Owens is fishing decent to good with
some days better than others like most fishing. Wind is down, and warm summer
days are setting on the green meadows of the Upper Owens. Very small hoppers
are out in force in certain areas, which will lead to great hopper action in
the upcoming weeks.  Small caddis and
mayflies can be seen over the water but usually get eaten by the smaller
residents of the river. Going down with nymphs and streamers is the best method
of extracting the larger residents of the Upper Owens river.  Attractor nymphs such as ; Prince Nymphs
#16-18, All sorts of flashy Pheasant Tails (Robo, Crystal PT) in #16-20.. Zebra,
and Tiger Nymphs in #16-20.. Big Streamers fished deep through the deepest
holes can get you some big tugs! Double Bunnies, Large Buggers, Skips Brown or
Rainbow Trout Minnow, and Zonker patterns in #2- 8 are just a few streamer
patterns that can take fish in the Upper O.