Its a great thing that the BIG fish are still to be found in the meandering bends of the Upper Owens River. Once hooked they pull hard and break the peaceful serenity of the flowing waters of the Upper Owens with leaps above the surface of the water ! These pointy finned trout continue to be caught on a variety of Attractor patterns including Nymphs and Midges, and Streamers. Variations of the Pheasant Tail (Trigger Nymphs, Emergers, Robos ect.) in sizes #16-18. Standard and Wire San Juans #16-18, and various streamer patterns dead drifted and stripped will take these world class fish. This can not go on forever so don’t miss out!!

Upper Owens Fly Fishing, mammoth fly fishing, fishing the eastern sierra

Mike Mc. stuck with it and was paid off with this chrome winter Rainbow Trout.