Lowe Owen Fly Fishing, Drift fishing Lower Owens river

Beryl shows a hard-pulling pointy finned trout taken on a recent drift.

In Spite of what the CFS readout says at 255cfs the Lower Owens REMAINS low and fishable. Around 130-160 cfs is my best guess!!  We are still putting on dry flies here to fish the Lower Owens for a good part of the day. Most who come in the shop are getting into great nymphing and really enjoying the pods of dry fly action that they come across when spending the day on the Lower Owens. Fish continue eating midges and BWO’s and will take Griffiths Gnats, Tricos, Thorax BWO’s and various other midge and very small mayfly patters on the surface. Fish most all these in sizes #20-22. When the hatch quits nymphing small BWO and Midge emergers will get you into fish consistently. CDC BWO Emerger #18-20, PT’s #18 -20 and most sorts of midge emergers #18-20 will consistently take fish under the water. Like I stated last time a Trouts metabolism operates on a lower frequency in the winter, you will find trout in the slower foam lined water.